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1 year ago

What is the Average Tax Refund?


It’s huge. Like 686 Whoppers huge.

I’ve been watching the average tax refund statistic for years, ever since the Bargaineering days, and it’s always been around $3,000.

For the 2017 filing season average tax refund is (as of March 31st, 2017):

That’s based on 93.6 million tax returns received, of which 91.2 million have been processed.

Historical Average Refund Amounts

The average refund rate tends to fall as we near tax day. The folks due a refund want to file as early as possible. The folks who owe taxes are going to wait with the procrastinators. Since the average comes from late March, it’s likely not going to move too far away from that $3,031 figure.

How does this compare to previous years?

Here are the previous year’s average refund amounts:

Tax Year Average Tax Refund
2017 (as of 3/31) $2,878
2016 $2,832
2015 $2,797
2014 $2,792
2013 $2,755
2012 $2,803
2011 $3,129
2010 $3,149

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Jim Wang of Wallethacks.com is a thirty-something father of two who has been featured in the New York Times, Baltimore Sun, Entrepreneur, and Marketplace Money. He can show you the philosophies, strategies and methods he used to become financially independent and free to pursue what was important.
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1 year ago

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