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3 years ago

Under Armour is under pressure for under earnings


“Retail without question is being disrupted,” CEO Kevin Plank told analysts. “[But] we believe that we own a large part of it.”

People are finally realizing that their paying too much for the label?

Yes, good quality but overpriced for what it is.  And there are tons of adequate alternatives out there.

I must say, Under Armour makes nice gear. Yes, it is pricier and there is a lot more competition now. Also, the “athleisure” market (aimed towards women) has been beset not only with imitators but many women suddenly realizing they are paying an awful lot for clothes to go the gym in, when they rarely go there.

One thing I will say in defense of their gear: it washes well/easily. Cheaper athletic clothing of that type tends to hold an unpleasant odor after wearing it a few times for workouts. Under Armour’s gear, on the other hand, does not for whatever reason. So if you’re actually going to use them as workout clothes the UA gear is a better choice.

3 years ago

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