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*Image from author’s Instagram.

Let me start off by saying that overnight success doesn’t exists, and if it did, you shouldn’t want it. If you want to be good at something, you need the time to get good! Overnight success takes years of practice, dedication and education. I’ve been a filmmaker and photographer for over 10 years with SO MANY failed attempts at trying to make it full time. Still, I worked hard and kept my focus on my dream. In my failed attempts, I thought being a working photographer meant shooting weddings. Man. I hate shooting weddings. Props to those of you who love it and excel at it! But, it’s no surprise to me that my countless attempts at success didn’t work. I hated the field I was pursuing so desperately. Throughout your attempts at fulfilling your dreams, it’s important to think of the reason of why you held on so long before giving up. Failure is not when something doesn’t work out, failure is when you quit.

To “make it” you need to be sure to be constantly fueled, but you have to equally be diligent. Three years ago today, God caught my attention in a way I could not ignore, and He prompted me to quit my job and focus on my freelance work – and I’ve been extremely blessed to do so ever since.

When I bought my first camera 10-15 some odd years ago, I always thought it would be awesome to shoot product photography. Who knew that’s what I’d end up doing – but I worked at it. It’s also equally important to mention that even though photography is my main bread and butter, film is my main love. Will I ever be a successful director? I guess it depends on your definition of “success” – but to me, I haven’t made it yet, but I will NEVER give up. So I will work it at this too, diligently.

When I quit my full time job (doing videos for churches) I didn’t just quit without a plan – for me that was very important, although I will say there is something to say about taking a leap into the dark! Something about not having a backup plan tends to kick butts into gear. I had set out a map where I had small gigs for 6 months and I knew I couldn’t work a standard job and work toward my goals. So I left. Whenever I had free time, I’d work on my portfolio, trying to book gigs in the months I had nothing, cold contacting so many dozens of companies for work. If you’re a freelancer/entrepreneur, you know how hard that is – and honestly, I currently have no idea what jobs I have laid out past April. But I’ll figure it out, because I have to. To me, there’s no plan B, this is it – plan A. I will never give up for this lifestyle I’ve worked to achieve.

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must – just never give up.

*Originally published here on ciurdar.com.

Sam Ciurdar is a filmmaker who resides in Southern California with his wife, Amanda, brand new daughter, Lucy, and beloved dog-son, Mr. Charlie Chaplin.  Additionally, Sam works as a freelance photographer with his wife. Shooting as a husband and wife team, they travel often to immerse themselves in God’s beautiful creation, while also capturing lifestyle and product photography for various brands across the globe. Sam and Amanda are most sought out for their cohesive lifestyle and artistic eyes.

Follow Sam on Instagram / Twitter : @SamCiurdar

1 year ago

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