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3 years ago

Most Americans favor lifting the Cuban embargo. Especially Red Sox fans who desperately need help in their bullpen


The majority of Americans are in favor of lifting the embargo on Cuba, according to a survey published in the United States Monday that coincides with U.S. President Barack Obama’s visit to the island.

According to the New York Times/CBS News poll, 55 percent of the 1,022 adults questioned said they favored an end to the embargo, while 27 percent were opposed.

Think of it like wine…Cuban cigars are like French wine, and non-Cubans are like California wine. Both regions produce awesome wines, but they will always be different.”

Well I don’t really smoke and I don’t drink anything but Guinness and cheap vodka so I guess I’m the wrong person to ask about any of it.

The question remains, why do we still hate Cuba?

Because of the 29 electoral votes and the older Cuban community in south Florida hates Castro and thinks that eventually it will work, just like trickle down economics?

Everyone should hate Castro and Cuba’s current government.

That being said, it always seemed weird that I could easily travel to Vietnam and not to Cuba. By the way, I am not against travel to Vietnam, and going there some day has interested me.

4 years ago

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