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2 years ago

Due to tariffs, every item at the Dollar Tree will now cost $1.10


Short term there might be some price hikes but long-term this isn’t going to cost consumers a ton of money. As a job I buy containers full of manufactured stuff from China and since the tariffs have been announced a majority of my vendors have announced that they’re opening new facilities for production or assembly in Vietnam and Taiwan before next year. Labor costs were already becoming an issue in China pushing manufacturing to other nations, this simply accelerated the trend. The US has plenty of options when it comes to countries with low-cost manufacturing whereas China wants to keep that market locked in.

The bigger issue is how this will hurt relations with China. Whether the tariffs are good or bad mostly depends on whether you think that continuing to do business with China only funds their expansionist challenge to the US’ global domination or whether doing business with China keeps them locked as a friendly nation.

More than 60 percent of Dollar Tree’s shoppers – at both the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar chains – have less than $40,000 in annual household income, Philbin wrote in his letter to U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. Half of that group earns less than $20,000 a year.

“They truly are among the most vulnerable U.S. consumers,” Philbin said in the letter. At the hearing, he said they depended on the stores’ offerings “to make ends meet.”

2 years ago
  • Tyler


    People that cater to these dollar type stores are fools. We have at least five of them right in the city of Fayetteville, GA and it’s totally ridiculous when they could be going to their local grocery stores. I went into one of these so-called dollar stores and very few of their items are worth the dollar in the first place, and every thing else is marked up much higher than what you’d pay in a grocery store. Seriously folks, especially in the case here in Fayetteville, GA they don’t even offer the convenience when the other stores are sitting right next door. Don’t be played a fool by thinking you’re getting a deal. They’re taking advantage of your ignorance. Shop wisely. And why would you want to buy Chinese products anyway?

    October 14, 2018      3:01 pm Reply
  • Tyler


    Instead of a candy bar for $2 at grocery store you can get 1/3 of a candy bar for $1 at Dollar Tree. Seems like a good deal, its cheaper right?

    October 15, 2018      8:39 pm Reply

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