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1 year ago

Delta raises the price of inflight alcoholic drinks to $9. Fliers immediately raise their glass in a toast to celebrate not having to fly United


This is why I do all my drinking before I get on the plane (not a pilot).  For passengers flying in Delta Air Lines’ Main Cabin, it will cost a bit more to take the edge off. The airline announced that beginning on December 1st, the price of most adult beverages went up by a dollar.

According to Travel+Leisure, the increase applies to cocktails as well as both domestic and craft beers, along with most wine selections. The price of a glass of bubbly will remain the same at $9 a glass, but a Bloody Mary or screw top California red will now also set passengers back $9. A Budweiser now costs $8 (still slightly cheaper than at most Major League Baseball games) and onboard Heineken sells for $9.

2 years ago

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