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11 months ago

Boeing lands $6.6 billion deal making planes for FedEx. Which raises the question – how are they going to be delivered?


The deal for the new aircraft will be added to Boeing’s orders and deliveries website once “certain contingencies” have been met, Boeing said. FedEx already is awaiting deliveries of 53 of the 767 freighters and 6 of Boeing’s 777 cargo planes. The planes are headed to FedEx Express, the company’s main package delivery business, which flies freight planes all over the world.

The 777 freighter has a list price of $339.2 million, while its 767 counterpart sells for $212.2 million. Boeing had already netted 28 orders this year for its factory-made freighters, worth $9.49 billion at list prices before the customary discounts.

Maybe they’ll use UPS to deliver? I was at a conference hosted at UPS world headquarters in suburban Atlanta. We’re on break and I see a FedEx guy delivering packages to the UPS receptionist. One of the UPS people sees me gaping at this and volunteered “It’s a running joke. Suppliers ship us stuff via FedEx and stuff to FedEx in Memphis via UPS.”

Or deliver by train?

Or by automobile?

12 months ago

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